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District administrators start by defining the buildings in the district. While a 1:1 program might be focused on high schools or middle schools, successful 1:1 programs approach the initiative as a district-wide project. Therefore it is important to make sure that your technology team includes all buildings in your district. Larger districts have the ability to import building information via .CSV file.


The system is an enhanced project management system with milestones and tasks pre-populated with estimated durations. Based on a District-defined launch date, the system back dates each of the known milestones and tasks using an estimated duration to calculate completion deadlines that need to be met in order to launch the initiative on time.

This is a fully editable task list, Districts will have the flexibility to add, delete or modify the master task list.


Keep track of your project with our integrated Budget tool. This list is also pre-populated with line items common to 1:1 programs. As with the task list, the Budget is fully editable. Included in the Revenue side of the pre-populated list are grant opportunities that our research has found to be available to Districts for technology programs.


Included with the ETA121 application is a document repository that includes informational resources, sample policy documents and standardized templates that Districts can use as a starting point to developing their own policies and procedures.


Establishing clear and measurable goals for a 1:1 program is almost always the linchpin to success. In fact, we feel it is so important that we created a specific section of the ETA121 application for a District to state their objectives for their program as well as how that objective is going to be measured. We encourage districts to think deeply about specific outcomes and to return to these objectives during implementation to keep the project on track.


To say that effective communication is important to the success of a 1:1 technology program would be an understatement. The system includes milestones and tasks related to the effective communication and transparency of the District’s 1:1 program to the necessary constituencies. Presentation templates, communication schedules, press release templates and project progress reports are integrated into the system.